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Reimagining the World of Health

Building the Future of Health
Dedicated to its mission of helping people and communities achieve better health, GuideWell is at the forefront of the evolution of health care, forging ahead by innovating, collaborating and advocating for better health care for all. We help people make sense of this new world by forming an integrated ecosystem of products and services, helping to ensure our customers get the best experience. We’re always building and refining to drive higher efficiency and exceptional care throughout the system. We apply our deep knowledge, intimate relationships and broad view of the health care continuum and the different consumers who use it to make the system into a more integral and useful part of people’s everyday lives.

Our Evolution
We started in 1944 as a single office in Jacksonville, Florida offering affordable health plans to Floridians. 75 years later, we’ve evolved into an integrated health solutions company serving millions of people across the nation each year.

In early 2014, GuideWell was introduced to the marketplace as a not-for-profit mutual holding corporation with a family of companies offering a broad range of health solutions to businesses and consumers that help people and communities achieve better health. The seven operating companies of GuideWell include: Florida Blue, GuideWell Health, GuideWell Connect, Onlife Health, GuideWell Source, PopHealthCare and WebTPA.

Through our family of forward-thinking companies, GuideWell now touches the lives of more than 27 million health care consumers across 34 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. With more than 18,000 employees across the nation, we are improving the cost, quality, and access of health care for our customers by applying our broad industry experience to reimagine and reshape the future of health. In this spirit, we collaborate with, support and create health companies with a broad range of health-related products and services that are integral and useful to today’s health care consumer.
Health Insurance
Florida's market leading health insurer, serving over 5 million members
Health Plan Administration
Nationally-licensed Provider of customized health plan administration and other services
Member Engagement
Well-being engagement company that guides consumers on the "next right thing to do" for their health
Care Management
Home-based advanced primary care solution for vulnerable members with complex health and social needs
Health Care Delivery
Portfolio of clinical delivery organizations located throughout Florida
Government Services
An administrative services processing company for government-sponsored health care programs on behalf of the federal government